Fly-in Tours

Namibia is a big country, bigger than England, and distances between key tourism destinations are large. Flying between attractions saves time and in addition, Namibia lends itself to aerial overviews with its wealth of geological formations and open landscapes-mountains, vast plains, dry riverbeds, pans, and dune-fields. Whilst Air Namibia offers regional flights to areas such as Katima Mulilo (end of the Caprivi Strip), Walvis Bay (coast), and Luderitz (southern coast)–our National carrier does not offer flights to the main areas that our international guests would visit such as Sossusvlei nor Etosha, our runways in these areas are suited to smaller aircraft such as Cessna 210fixed wing aircraft (4 people) or the Grand Caravan 208 (14 people). For flight access into the Namib Desert, there are daily morning flights from Windhoek run as a taxi service, for all other regions within Namibia charter flights can be booked.